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Au Pair Abroad

Au Pairing is one of the most popular overseas jobs and will help you create memories that will last a lifetime

Participating in one of the au pair programmes that TWA offers, means that you are part of one of the biggest cultural exchange programmes in the world. You get to travel and experience life in another country while enjoying one of our au pair jobs overseas.

AU Pair USAAu Pair Netherlands

We place girls from Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with amazing families in the USA

What is an Au pair in the USA?

Au Pairing is one of the most popular overseas jobs and will help you create memories that will last a lifetime

Au pair jobs overseas are the perfect programmes for those who love working with children while traveling. Au pair means “on par” or “equal”.

You live with an overseas host family and become part of their daily routine and family life and in return, you care for your host family’s children.

Participating in one of the au pair programmes that TWA offers, means that you are part of one of the biggest cultural exchange programmes in the world. You get to travel and experience life in another country while enjoying one of our au pair jobs overseas.

TWAonly works with internationally accredited au pair agencies and members of IAPA (International Au Pair Association).

About the USA:


The United States of America (USA) is usually referred to as the United States (US), or America is a country in North America. It is made up of 50 states, a federal district, and five territories.

You probably already think that you know what the USA looks like, based on popular TV shows, movies and what you read in the tabloids. Disney, the Kardashians, House of Cards, McDonalds, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about the USA.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the USA is a homogenous country or that New York is the only place to be!  America was built from East to West and although coastal cities are much in demand but there is a huge country inbetween and you may well end up being placed with an amazing family in Colorado or Arkansas.

We do have a lot of placements all over the USA – and the bottom line is that deciding to Au Pair Abroad WILL be one of the best decisions you ever make!




  • You must be 18-26 years old
  • Male or Female (yes we can place males in the USA!)
  • Have South African citizenship
  • Have grade 12 or equivalent
  • Available for 12 month program
  • You can extend for another 12
  • Be a good driver with a valid driver’s license.
  • Have good childcare or babysitting experience (200 hrs)
  • Have a genuine love and interest for children.
  • Fluent/good in English
  • Be in good health (only non-smokers are accepted) no history of mental illness, eating disorder
  • Not married and no children of your own.
  • No criminal record.
  • Willingness to explore and experience a different country and culture.

If you love children, are responsible and easily adapt to new things AND want to travel then we want YOU!

What is included in the Au pair program:


  1. Screened host family;
  2. Pre-Departure Orientation in RSA
  3. Full room and board;
  4. Monthly pocket money: approx. R12 000
  5. Medical Insurance cover for 12 months.
  6. Free Flights
  7. Help with obtaining your J-1 visa
  8. 2 weeks of paid vacation per 12 months.
  9. $ 500 towards a 6 credit course
  10. Counselor within an hour’s drive
  11. Au pair meetings
  12. Extra (optional) month to travel through the USA after completing your 12 months

How it all works:


  1. Enquire with us – Read through this Brochure carefully
  2. Request the application forms and start filling them out
  3. Make an appointment at a TWA Office for you interview
  4. Apply for all the other official documents
  5. Hand in or upload your missing documents;
  6. Once your file is complete and perfect it will be activated in the on-line system of our partner agency.
  7. You are now “on view” and potential and interested families may contact you directly;
  8. It is important that you check back regularly and respond quickly to the families interested in you;
  9. Once you have started speaking to a family and both you and the family are ready to match, you may do so;
  10. Match with a family is made and your final invoice must be paid;
  11. Visa application is started and we will assist with the procedure;
  12. Collecting your visa and getting ready for departure;
  13. Flight is booked and you will travel to the USA;

We place girls from Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with amazing families in the Netherlands

Au Pair Holland Program / Au Pair in The Netherlands

Netherlands, the country known for its beautiful tulips and the colour orange. With Dutch being the primary language, Afrikaans speaking au pairs have found living and working in the Netherlands an easy step. Au pairing in the Netherlands is your gateway to the rest of Europe, with Paris only being a two hour train journey from Amsterdam. The Dutch are friendly and caring and have loved having South Africans as au pairs in their homes. This particular working holiday is one of the most popular au pair jobs overseas for South Africans.


Everyone has a dream to travel the world and see places that they’ve only been able
to read about. Au pair jobs in the Netherlands offer you the chance to fulfill your
dream to travel while enabling you to become part of a new family and experience
a new culture for a year.

What is an Au Pair?


An au pair is a female assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a monetary allowance for personal use.

What does a regular family in Holland look like?

The most common is a host family with a father, a mother and 2 or 3 children. Of course there are some exceptions for example single parents or only 1 child, maybe
even 4 or 5 children. Most parents are married. Host families are always given double names. For example family Jansen-Pieters. Family Jansen is the family name, in 99% of the cases the last name of the host father. The other name Pieters, is the last name of the host mother.

In Holland normally the children carry only the last name of the father. The host mother will (in case the parents are married) also carry the father’s last name as her first last name. A lot of families do have pet animals. Most common is a cat or a dog, or maybe a rabbit in the garden. Host families normally live in bigger houses, but not all families! We want you and the au pairs to not Over- expects. Some families are very wealthy, others aren’t but that doesn’t make them a less good Host Family.

If you love children, are responsible and easily adapt to new

things AND want to travel then we want YOU!

What is included in the program


Screened host family

Emergency Contact numbers

Free Room and meals

Use of a cellphone

Use of a Bicycle

Pocket money per month of Euro 300 (+- R4700 )

Travel/Medical insurance for 12 months

Language course for 12 months

Visa for 12 months

2 weeks of paid vacation per 12 months



☑ Aged between 18 and 30
☑ Having child care or baby-sitting experience
☑ Having a genuine love and interest for children
☑ Being able to swim and ride a bike, a driver’s license is not essential but definitely preferred
☑ Fluent in English and good knowledge of Afrikaans
☑ Good Health
☑ Not married, no criminal record
☑ Willingness to explore and experience a different country and culture

1. Age


An Au Pair is not younger than 18 and not older than 31 years of age. The Au Pair should be maximum 30 years and 6 months old at the moment she arrives in Holland, as no permit to stay will be given when the Au Pair turns 31 before applying. We can only accept files when the Au Pair is no older than 30 years and 6 months on their arrival!

2. Working hours


Maximum of 30 hours per week spread out over a maximum of five (5 )days during which the Au Pair is not allowed to work more than a maximum of eight (8) hrs per day. Babysitting activities can be undertaken over a maximum period of three (3) evenings per week. It’s absolutely not allowed for a family to ask the Au Pair to work more than 30 hours, even if they pay extra. These are government rules and need to be obeyed. Working hours should be agreed between Host Family and Au Pair before arrival in Holland.

3. Duration of stay


An Au Pair stays with a family for a maximum of 12 consecutive months. The Au Pair visa cannot be extended; neither can it be applied for twice.

4. Leisure time


2 days per week and a minimum of one full weekend once per month.

5. Vacation


An Au Pair is entitled to two (2) weeks of paid vacation per 12 months, during which time the Au Pair’s pocket money will be paid in full. If the Au Pair placement is for a shorter period of time, vacation is awarded accordingly. It’s the Au Pairs and Host Family’s responsibility to agree on the holidays together, preferable at the beginning of the Au Pair year.

6. Pocket Money


A minimum of 300 Euro per month, regardless of whether or not the Au Pair actually works the maximum number of 30 hours per week.

7. Room and Board


All costs during the duration of the Au Pair’s stay with regard to food and drinks are to be bought completely by the Host Family. The Au Pair needs to be registered at the same address as the Host Family while at the same time actually staying and living there. In other words, the Au Pair lives with the family at one and the same address, thus becoming part of the family as is the spirit of the Au Pair program. At this address, the Au Pair must have a room with a window containing a minimum of a bed, a desk and a chair. Bath/shower facilities must be offered if and when desired.

8. Insurance


The Host Family is responsible for taking out and paying for health, accident, repatriation and travel insurance in the Au Pair’s name for the duration of her stay.

9. Travelling Costs


The Au Pair needs to pay for her own ticket. Make sure that the ticket can be changed, is valid for 365 days and doesn’t have a transit flight in a country where they need a visa. A copy of the flight ticket should be send to us as soon as the ticket is booked. Possible options should be discussed between the Au Pair and the Host Family directly. Costs for changing a ticket will be covered by the Host Family up to €150 in case the Au Pair stays for 12 months. If the Au Pair decides to go home

10. School and language course costs


A maximum of 320 Euro annually will be paid by the Host Family. This money is only meant to be spend on a course and will not be given to the Au Pair in cash.

11. Visa


As per the 1st of June 2013, our Partner in The Netherlands will be responsible
for the visa of the Au Pair. The Dutch Host Family will apply with their financial
documents for the visa. It’s not possible for a Host Family to apply for an Au Pair  visa without an agency that is officially recognized by the Dutch Immigration office (IND).

12. The Host Family


Consists of a minimum of 2 people with sufficient financial means. The Host Family declares that they are not dependent on the Au Pair nor can the Au Pair be single-handedly made responsible for household chores.

Light household chores

• Washing dishes
• Loading and unloading the dishwasher
• Preparing simple meals
• Keeping the kitchen in order and general tidying up
• Shopping for light groceries
• Loading laundry into the washing machine
• Packing away laundry/clothes
• Ironing
• Tidying and cleaning of children’s room(s)
• Tidying and cleaning of own room(s)
• Tidying and cleaning in general
• Vacuuming
• Dusting
• Keeping floors clean
• Taking out garbage but only on the ground floor
• Walking and feeding pets
• Watering plants and taking care of plants/flowers
• Making and changing beds

Tasks which may not be part of expected light household chores

• All and any tasks for which the Au Pair is solely responsible within the Host Family
• All tasks with regard to gardening and the garden
• Washing of windows (inside and outside)
• Scrubbing
• Mopping/scrubbing any area large than 30 m2
• Washing/cleaning a car or automobile
• Cleaning of bathroom facilities unless such facilities
are to be used solely by the Au Pair

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