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Teach English in China

Degree Holders Only!
Apply NowTeach English in Vietnam


• Age 21 – 55 can apply.

• Good command of English – Positive attitude.

• Degree in any field (Not a diploma) – Legalized – ask us for info

• TEFL – Online $89 if you do not have one ask us for the sign up link

• Valid passport – Apply now if you do not already have one.

• Laptop is required so take one with or buy one on arrival (Tablet/Ipad is not sufficient).

• Police Clearance & Medical check IMPORTANT APPLY FOR IT NOW!

Program Benefits

• Guaranteed Placement before you leave your home country

• Salary Ranges from 16 000RMB to 20 000RMB+ (R 34 000pm to R42 000pm) And more later with more experience. (The school also pays for your medical insurance and accommodation)

• Full Support and Assistance

• Full Z Visa Work Permit before you leave RSA

• Those with Dependants also considered.

Couples and Friends placed in the same location both need to have degrees

• Accommodation provided as well as Medical Insurance provided

• Flight Reimbursement after contract completion of up to 6000RM (R12 500)

• End of Contract Bonuses in some cases

• Paid School Holidays

Work with the Best in a foreign country while changing your life and
living your dreams; you want the best support possible!

Degree Holder

Pre-Placement Program

Included in the program

The Basics
Resume / CV application Assistance

Medical Insurance – School will provide this

In-country Set-up
Bank Account with Debit Card

SIM card and phone setup
Getting you settled in

Job Offer – Signed Contract
before you leave RSA

Z Visa Work Permit


What it will cost you

• One Way Flight to China R6 000 +-

• Z -Visa Work Permit School Pays for it

• Police Clearance R 120

• Legalization of Documents if using
our suggested contact R400 to R800

• Any other costs pertaining to
getting your documents ready will
be for your account. Applying for a
passport, passport photos,
medicals, police clearance, etc.

Suggested Living Expenses amount to
take with 2000 tot 3000RMB (R4186
to R 6 280) This will be for the basics
until you earn your 1st salary.
However if you have more to bring
with then please do that as initial set
up in a country does take a little extra
when it comes to funds

About China

  • Average living costs in China for a teacher is around
    2200RMB to 4000RMB depending on your lifestyle of
    course. (R4500 to R8000)
  • Accommodation and Medical is paid for by your
    school so your salary is for transport, food, groceries
  • Taking into account the minimum salary offered is
    about 12 000RMB (R 25 000pm) for someone with
    no experience – you will have more than enough to
    live comfortably and save a decent amount of money
    every month.

The Process

1. Read this document carefully
2. Submit your CV + recent semi-formal photo and application
form and introduction video- all can be
done via email
3. Get documents ready: Degree, Police Clearance,
Medical Check, Passport etc
4. Wait for job offers
5. Accept and Sign Contract
6. Wait for visa invitation letter – apply for visa
7. Visa Approved – Book Flights
8. Pack and off you go
9. We assist with the visa process

What is living expense per month?

On Average 2000 to 4000RMB depending on your lifestyle

Do schools provide lunch?

Depends on the school. Some do and some do not.

Traveling costs around there?

Buses are around 1RMB to 2 RMB flat fee, Taxi’s around 5RMB and trains are popular too

How safe is it around there?

Extremely safe. Obviously stay away from dodgy clubs and bars

What are the age groups you will be teaching?

Anything from primary school to high school.

Working hours? And days per week?

8 hours per day, only about 4-5 actual “in class” hours though. Monday to Friday some school may differ

Are there sports after school that you have to attend or teach?

No, but they do have concerts, after school activities every now and again. And then again some schools do have sports

After contract can you still travel in the country or do you need to be out?

You can stay as long as you like as long as you have a job or visa.

Can one renew working contract and visa without leaving the country?


How long is the working visa valid for?

1 year

What type of visa they will be working on?

Z Visa Work permit

What activities are happening during evenings and weekends?
Every town differs but all have markets and events to join in on
Packing essentials? Sleeping bag, towels?
You can get everything in China, and it’s very inexpensive.
Some of the accommodation does not have bedding, but this
can be bought
Any Serious laws they are very strict on?
Yes, drugs – stay away from this
More information regarding couple placement?
This can be done (and we will try our best) but not at the
same school, maybe schools within the same town.
What is the level English and behavior of students?

Depending on the school location, big city – great English
level. Small city, not so good. Thai kids are usually very well

What curriculum will they follow at school?

There is no set curriculum, each school may have their own
or teachers will need to prepare their own.

Do your colleagues speak English?


Language orientation? How will we understand them?
This is quite fun and you will learn in time how to communicate
Medical services and insurance?

Your school will pay for this

What is phone and Internet connectivity like?
Pretty good and real cheap
What about other African countries?
Will they qualify? Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi etc. Sorry, only South Africa and other native English-speaking countries. (USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (including Ireland), New Zealand).
What if you are unhappy in a job? Can you get a new one?
Yes, but we don’t often get this. If the applicant really hates the job and they have a good reason, then we can move them. But they need to understand that this will take a bit of time.
Dress code for teaching?
Smart professional. Dress pants, shoes, shirts, tie, etc.
When are the school holidays?
Depending on the school and or language school. Summer
holiday usually July and August
What is the big difference between language schools,<br /> private schools, government schools and varsity?
Not much difference for teachers, maybe only starting times
and salary would differ.
Can a participant choose part or full time?
Schools hire full-time teachers for the most part.
Is religion a big issue?
Not really, you stick to yours and they normally stick to theirs.
What happens if you lose your job?<br /> Can you get a new one?
Depending on the reason for termination, we will no longer
help you find placement if loss of job is your fault.
Are they expected to work during school holidays?
Not normally, this will depend on the school.
Can you drink tap water?
I have, but I would not make a habit of it. Bottle water is so
cheap, just safer to go buy a bottle. But if you happen to get
a mouth full, no need to go to hospital etc.
Time difference between SA and China?
SA is 6 hours behind China
Will you work with any special needs children?
What are the expected deductions from your pay<br /> check? Does this differ from school to school?l?
Yes, some schools take off tax at 3%.
But normally they don’t take off tax for the first year.
Do you get paid overtime?
What are the chances of getting a salary increase?
Depends on how good of a job you do.
What are the changes of teaching<br /> English in neighboring countries?

Very good, we can arrange this for you.

Is all paperwork and books supplied by the school?

Most of the time. Not all the time.

We are responsible for marketing and preparing the applicant with all details in RSA. Our Partner/Team in China is responsible for you once you arrive, placement, and quality of service. We (or any partner/recruiter from South Africa on behalf of us) will not be held responsible should any issues for which the partner in China is responsible for arise.