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USA Carnival Jobs

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TWA has partnered with a fantastic company who have successfully been placing South African employees to the Unites States of America for the past 15 years! 
We offer fantastic seasonal work at mobile amusement parks across the United states and Canada!!  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Don’t wait to book your interview, we have limited space because of the high demand of South Africans interested in this program.
Our team conducts  Job interviews countrywide for American based Traveling Amusement Parks  and every year our interviews start October. 
Get ready for the 2019 season to start!!

Interview Requirements

  • Ages 20 – 29 can apply
  • Must be hard working, flexible, disciplined and mature
  • SA Police Clearance required consideration into the program
  • Good Command of English ( Speak, understand, comprehend )
  • Drug free proof may be provided with a Lab drug test, or drug test at our office required when applying

Once accepted, the program includes

Free Return Flight once accepted onto the program.

No Recruitment Fees, once accepted into the program Orientation Session in South Africa, before you fly. Work Permit for 1 season in the USA

Guaranteed work at a US Amusement Park for 1 season, if approved after interview.
Transport from South Africa, to your US employer On the job training in the USA

Wages of at least $330 per week which equals around R18 000pm (depending on exchange rate)

What type of jobs are available


You could be placed as a Ride Operator, in the Games department, or a ticket seller, a food worker, or in Maintenance.  
You will be traveling from town to town with the Biggest and best shows around,  you will see so much of the USA!

Suggested spending money: We suggest you take about $200 just for the first 10 days to get you through till your first pay.  Your average cost of living in the USA while on the carnivals is about $75pw

What is accommodation like

You will be sharing a small mobile bunk house with either a fellow South African or other carnival worker. 
Showers are shared between 6-8 people (but luckily not all at the same time). Porta potties are used for toilets. 

What is it like

You can expect to work hard, long hours or irregular hours or both with little time off.  Carnivals adhere to a very strict schedule and require their employees to be flexible, willing and able.  
So be prepared to work hard while enjoying traveling and earning good money.  Seasons are for 6-10 months, so don’t worry time will fly by. 

Step 1

Make an appointment for your interview and drug test at our office 2 weeks after your interview date you should know if you have been approved into the program or not.

If approved  – go to step 2 (We receive loads of applicants and we need to make sure that we approve the right candidates for the USA, so yes we do decline a fair number of applicants for various reasons,  before we pay your travel expenses to the US and therefore need to be very sure that the applicants we approve will be able to cope and NOT let us down).

Step 2

  • First visa payment is due of  $190 (+- R2600)
  • Apply for passport and police clearance asap
  • Attend a compulsory orientation session with our partner to prepare you for your job, after which you will sign your work contract.
  • You are now ready to pack your bags and say bye-bye to everyone
  • Book optional travel insurance

Interview guidelines

Applicants need to be presentable, no long hair (guys), visible tattoos while on duty, Guys no piercings, Girls a max of 2 piercings per ear.  

No wild and funny colored hair styles.
TWA and employers tolerate no drug abuse, intoxicating substance abuse while working, or at your bunk house. Applicants need to be fit and in excellent health

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